Use Your Lead Magnet to Prepare People to Work with You.

Close up view of a row of blue pencils, all nicely sharpened.
Image Credit: Jack Hawley via Pexels

Lead magnets are meant to attract your ideal client. Sometimes that means weeding people out who are not ready to work with you. If you find yourself on too many sales calls with people who honestly can’t afford your services (yet), you can mention your fee ranges in your lead magnet.

But a better use of your lead magnet would be to prepare people to work with you.

Do your services require that people have certain skills or systems in place?

Let people know what they need to have in place and then give them the resources to do so. Step them through the “pre-work” so they are ready to hit the ground running. Help people be successful in some way before they even start to work with you.

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Barbara Grassey

Barbara is a writer, speaker, and marketing consultant. She specializes in helping business authors leverage their books. Learn how: