Making the Leap: Uncertainties

Chronicling my move to an ex-pat life in Portugal

Last Minute Details

I have lots of last minute details to do: transfer car titles and registrations, talk to the insurance company, find out if I can use my phone in Portugal, and pack everything I own, either for storage or to bring with me. I have the smallest storage space possible, 5’ x 5’, and if it doesn’t fit, it goes into the trash or to the charity shop.

Moving Forward

So I take a deep breath and look forward. I don’t know what makes me want to leave behind everything I know. I’ve done it before. I moved across the country from Atlanta to San Francisco. I moved from San Francisco to Honolulu. I am reminded of a comment my fourth grade teacher put on my report card: “Barbara excels in class, but she doesn’t really pay attention.” Or something like that. (I didn’t pay too much attention to that, either.) To be fair, I was near the windows that faced the courtyard. I could see people walking down the corridor, other classrooms, birds and squirrels in the courtyard. So much going on and I was trapped in a square room. I guess I don’t like feeling trapped anywhere. That and there is so much going on outside my box. There’s a whole planet to explore. I understand that not everybody has the means or opportunity or even desire to explore it. But me? I have no excuses. In six days, I fly.

Barbara is a writer, speaker, and marketing consultant. She specializes in helping business authors leverage their books. Learn how:

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