Moving abroad requires some forethought and planning. But there are always things you don’t know…until you get there. In January, I made the move from Florida to Portugal. While I had set up my life to be able to work from anywhere, I was not as well prepared for actually living in Portugal as I could have been. Part of that was because I wasn’t able to make a scouting trip before moving. It turns out I’m not alone in this; a surprising number of people just make the leap. …

I’ve been living in Portugal for three months now and friends are asking what I like best about it. I try to explain that I haven’t seen more than my little corner of the country: We’ve been on lockdown for the entire time I’ve been here. Even without going farther than two miles in any direction, there are plenty of things to love.

The View

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Both of my Airbnbs have had fantastic views of the water. As I go hunting for more permanent digs, having a view is going to be important to me. Right now, I can work from my bed…

You wrote a book to generate revenue for you and your business. Unfortunately, the royalties from your business book, unless you have a Big Five publisher behind you and a large following, are probably not going to put you on Easy Street. But you knew that.

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There are over 250,000 business books fighting for the market’s attention. Sadly, the average book (any book, not just business books) sells fewer than 250 copies. Smart authors know how to generate revenue even with few to no actual sales.

You can use your book for both direct and indirect revenue generating activities. Your…

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I’ll put it right out there: I get a lot of stuff done. In the past year, in addition to running my marketing business and moving to Portugal, I wrote three books (plus I developed a tracker for macro tracking). Last month I wrote a blog post every week day (23 in all) plus I finished the first draft of a novel that had been hanging over me.

And I played thousands of games of Websudoku and Text Twist. THOUSANDS.

How do I get so much stuff done? I clean out my brain every month. …

When I left LinkedIn and clicked that button to permanently delete my account, I felt a sense of relief. And pure glee.

I don’t know how long I was annoyed by LinkedIn before my displeasure even started registering. I’d log in, look at a newsfeed that included self promotions, trite business quotes, and that same fucking “inspirational” video of the football coach screaming at that kid crawling across the field. (I hate that clip.) …

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I’m Netflix bingeing the show Scorpion. The show follows the (supposed) exploits of Walter O’Brien who has one of the highest IQs in the world, and very little EQ (Emotional IQ).

The show is textbook formulaic, which makes it valuable for an aspiring fiction writer. But it also contains a marketing lesson.

Every episode, Team Scorpion is called in to solve a problem. There’s always a short time fuse. They solve the initial problem. Something bad happens (a twist). They work that out, which causes another, worse problem — an unintended consequence — which shortens the amount of time…

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Moving abroad is a big leap, physically and metaphorically. I have had “Live in Europe for at least one year” on my bucket list for decades. It was always a “someday” dream, along with learning how to ride a motorcycle and getting a sailboat. (I’ve already jumped out of an airplane, thank you. Twice.)

This year, in the middle of a global pandemic, I picked up and moved. Or so it seemed to many of my friends. But I realize that I have been positioning myself towards this for years. Here’s how:

1. I work for myself

Working for myself means that I don’t have…

Um… That would be me.

I’m doing some client work with the sliding door open because it is finally warm enough to leave it open for an extended length of time and let in some fresh air. My laptop is exactly where it was meant to be — on my lap. My feet are up on the arm of the loveseat and I’m writing.

I can hear the drone of workers, some closer than others. But there’s also another sound. The sound of acoustic guitar and a man singing in Portuguese is drifting through the open door and it takes…

The question of how to become a self published writer is one I field on an almost daily basis. More and more authors are realizing that traditional publishing is going the way of the dinosaur and self publishing is shedding its “also-ran” status.

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There are several reasons for this. Without going into every last one, the overriding reason that traditional publishers are losing ground is that they are not nimble. (This can be said of many industries and countries.) Technology evolves at a lightning clip and large companies aren’t geared to take advantage of this. It’s like turning a battleship…

Making a marketing plan for a small business does not have to be complicated or difficult. It is a series of steps that helps you define exactly what it is you’re selling, who you’re selling to, and the best way to reach those people. Too many business owners confuse marketing and advertising. Marketing is all about determining your customers’ needs (and wants) while advertising is the actual promotion of your products and services.

Over the two decades that I have officially been in marketing, I have developed an 8 step marketing plan specifically for entrepreneurs and micro business owners that…

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