I don’t often struggle with writers’ block. I like to say the cure for writers’ block is a hard deadline. But last week I had several (not one, not two, but SEVERAL) free days to just work on my own stuff. It was the equivalent of being taken to Baskin…

A transcript is not even a first draft. #SorryNotSorry

Back in the day, before I started writing course manuals for a living, I bought a bundle of three courses from a real estate guru. Each course had 12 CDs and a “course manual.” The manual turned out to be a…

“Have you made any new friends, yet?” Not a priority for introverts, thank you.

Moving to a new country as an introvert is probably easier for us than it is for extroverts. We’re self-contained units who have spent our lives figuring out how to do things on our own. …

Lots of us are doing it

Older woman with glasses sitting on a beach with ocean behind her.
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Several times a month a woman will ask in an Expat group if there are any older women who have moved to Portugal solo. They are met with responses from dozens of women who have made the jump and are encouraging and supportive. I have become one of them.


And are they? Really?

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If you filter for authors on LinkedIn, you will be astounded to discover just how many “best-selling” authors there are. Wow! Are all these people just raking in the big author bucks?

Probably not. Maybe a few are, but most of them aren’t living on their…

Man giving a talk on stage with video screen behind and to his right
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There is no rule that says you need to write a book if you’re speaker. In fact, many speakers, whether they are delivering trainings or keynotes, don’t have a book.

You also don’t need to be a certified speaker. You don’t need to be a member of an organization like…

“Everyone has a book inside them which is exactly where I think it should, in most cases, remain.” — Christopher Hitchens

Page in typewriter reads: rewrite…edit…rewrite…
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I am a big proponent of business owners, particularly speakers, coaches, and consultants, writing a business book. After all, working with them is my business. Done right, a business…

The value of ancillary materials for your business book

Red postal box with collection times listed
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The problem with selling your book on Amazon or any of the retail booksellers for that matter, is that you don’t know who bought your book. …

New authors are often uncertain as to whether or not they should go to the expense of buying an ISBN. More than that, they aren’t even sure what an ISBN is or what it does. They’ve just heard that they should have it.

There’s nothing mysterious about ISBNs and nothing…

Yellow paper crumpled into balls near a wire wastebasket.
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Nine out of 10 people who start writing a book never finish. Maybe some weren’t serious about it in the first place. But that’s a pretty large quit rate. For many people, writing a book is a “someday” or bucket list item. But if you’re writing a book for your…

Barbara Grassey

Barbara is a writer, speaker, and marketing consultant. She specializes in helping business authors leverage their books. Learn how: https://barbaragrassey.com/

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